Dr Keith Blevens, part 3 what are the principles.

Dr Keith Blevens talks about the Three Principles

Dr Keith Blevens, Part 4 What are the Three Principles.

Dr Keith Blevens, talks about his understanding of the Three Principles

Dr Keith Bleven, part 2- inside out change

Dr Keith Blevens talks about the Three Principles and change from the ‘inside out’

Keith Blevens, part 1- potential for a quiet mind.

Dr Keith Blevens talk about the Three Principles behind innate wellbeing/health

Addiction and the 3 Principles with Dicken Bettinger

In this session Dicken Bettinger brings his deep, simple understanding of the 3 Principles to explain the true nature of addictions of all kinds as well as the CURE for any addiction. The recording picks up a few minutes into the session, so the usual intro is not included, but the discussion is captured in […]

Interview with Dicken Bettinger

I interviewed Dicken Bettinger about his book, Coming Home, co-written with Natasha Swertloff, prior to our author call for the Life-Changing Book Club. http://www.changefromwithin.co.uk/abo…